Figuring Out How To Be An Adult (Kind Of)

Headed to the airport. The next five weeks of my life in two bags…some would call it a miracle!

By Emma Fleming

I am notorious in my friend group for being abnormally early to anything and everything possible (being on time in my book is being early in everyone else’s). So, as you guessed it, I was 2+ hours early for my flight in order to avoid a panic attack while standing in the mile long security line at O’Hare Airport. With all the extra time I had after I got through security, I treated myself to my favorite Starbucks drink and decided to get myself organized for this first flight to New Jersey. I kept telling my friends that I still feel like I am a clueless 14 year old child and that it is seriously unheard of that I somehow navigated myself through this airport without getting lost once. I do have to give myself a little pat on the back for this. The real test of my “adulthood” will come when I have to find my way from the Belfast airport to the first hotel we are staying in, so keep an eye out for my next post and let’s hope that goes as smoothly as I am imagining it in my head. I truly cannot wait to see what this incredible journey has in store for me…the countless memories, friendships and adventures I will face in these next few weeks in so many beautiful places will be priceless and most importantly unforgettable. Goodbye Chicago and Hello Belfast (and London, Cardiff and Edinburgh). Until next time, America! See you in June.

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