So long, Belfast

Today started off bright and early. By 9 a.m., all 21 of us were piled into six taxi cabs and off to tour the famous Titanic Museum. My knowledge on the history of Belfast is very minuscule, so much so, that I am quite embarrassed to admit that I had no clue that the Titanic was even built here in Belfast. Besides the information I remember about the Titanic from learning about in my third grade class years ago (which is pretty much just that it hit an iceberg and sunk), I do not recall much about the ship in general, such as how it was built or even how many passengers were lost at sea.

The museum sure brought more into extensive detail about the process of the Titanic being made, what it looked like inside, the lifestyle each social class led, etc.  The museum itself contained countless numbers of interactive pieces, such as a mini ride, interactive maps and TV screens. I found myself immersed in a particular gallery that contained the process of how the media covered the news of the ship sinking. As a journalism major myself, I enjoyed learning the impacts the media back then had and how they released the news to the audiences.

Interacting with some of the workers at the museum, I admire that the city celebrates the Titantic. It may be a little odd for others as it was such a tragedy, but the Titanic is what had help the industry become very successful and advanced in terms of impacting the boating industry. They are and should continue to proud of their city’s accomplishments.

A small replica of the Titanic ship to put in perspective how massive the ship was / May 17, 2016

After visiting the museum and scarfing down a delicious lunch of sandwiches and soup at a local sub shop, a group of us decided to go and take a castle tour that explored Belfast Castle and Carrickfergus Castle.

The sceneries of both castles were absolutely breath-taking.  Belfast Castle was located away from Belfast’s busy streets as it was in the middle of a mountain, encircled by acres of forestry. Looking out on the garden of the Belfast Castle, you can see pretty much all of Belfast.

Carrickfergus’ scenery was a little different as it was located on the shores, right next to the busy streets of a small city.

Taking this tour was the perfect way to say goodbye to Belfast. These last couple of days have been scheduled completely with sightseeing and exploring the city, and I think I have seen everything I could have wanted to see and more. I’m excited to move onto the Shamrock Bus Tour, making our way to Dublin and adventure out there.

Me standing on the back balcony of Belfast Castle / May 17, 2016




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