Searching for WiFi (and Leprechauns)

Searching for WiFi (and Leprechauns)

By Colleen Ferguson

Today was our first day traveling past Belfast. At nine this morning we hopped on the Shamrocker to take a trip around Ireland.

View from outside hostel

Seven of us are currently sitting around a router praying for a WiFi signal for even just a minute. I think the biggest frustration is trying to contact family and having no ability to do so. The location of the hostel is unique and quaint but I am starting to miss Belfast and the WiFi signal just a little bit more already. We are staying in a small town of about 100 people for the night. (I swear there are more sheep than people in this country.)

One of the many sheep

The interest in internet connection was rather new to the two Irishmen who are leading our journey around the northern coast of Ireland. They laughed as we gathered around the front desk trying to connect as if we were in a race. I don’t think they understand why we depend so much on the internet though. This is our only way to contact home; our only way to let our family know we are okay. It is also the lead cause of my frustration on this trip.

Johnny – Bus Driver

The Irishmen told us that this was a common stereotype of Americans. The media constantly portrays us and in our phone and not interested in our surroundings. Hearing this made me take a step back and understand that we really are rather interested in what is going on on Facebook, Twitter, or getting the latest Instagram post uploaded with our three minutes of internet connection.

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