Seeing Scenery

By Holly Harestad


Today marks our SIXTH day out here in gorgeous Ireland! Still on the Shamrocker tour, we began our day hopping from our hostel back onto the bus to more spectacular views. Our first stop was at the ancient area that was home to a huge stone fort that was constructed in order to create protection and safety from their enemies at the time. We were able to climb all over the top of it and take pictures from the inside. Once again, being inside something so historic made you stop and realize how short our time is here on this planet and how many generations could come after us.


Next up was another walk up to one of the tallest cliffs in Ireland. And yet, again not for a second ceased to amaze me. There’s something about all of the green land and all of the water coming together that creates something like I’ve never experienced before, it truly is just awesome. Spending it with the people I’ve met so far on the trip and the ones I’ve known from before, meeting and being able to communicate with others about the experiences happening around us is something you really just can’t get anywhere but study abroad.


Ending our night off, we stopped at another quaint little restaurant with thee best food! Tomorrow concludes our Shamrocker tour, I have to say I really enjoyed the bus tour part of it. Seeing the views from your seat, then getting out and getting to experience them, all the while being told about stories/history that our tour guide had picked up along the way, was just so much fun and so interesting.


Shamrocker Adventures


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