Seeing the world with no filter

By Jasmine Watts


Today I felt like I was in the middle of a postcard. The things that I saw seemed unreal. We got up bright and early and headed to Giants Causeway. At first, I was uneasy about all the walking but I took the hard route up the cliff and it was so worth it. The pictures I took did my view no justice at all. When I got to the bottom of the cliff, I sat on a rock and ate my lunch. It was so peaceful. I could just sit there for hours. I’m a city girl. I never went hiking or climbed cliffs or even played outside as a child. It was surprisingly refreshing and amazing to see the world without some one else’s camera lens, without the influence of media, without society’s idea of beauty. I talked to my uncle afterwards, he travels a lot. He told me he was proud of me and explained how amazing it was to “see the world without a filter”. That made me think so much. My view was authentic. For once it was just me and nature, without a filter. I took a million pictures and just soaked it all in.

Giants Causeway

Afterwards, I went to the gift shop and saw so many postcards, magnets, calendars, and other things advertising the view of the cliffs. It’s amazing how much companies can capitalize off of the beautiful view. I am thankful that I got an authentic experience, without the filters or any one else’s cropped image of beauty.

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