En route to Dublin

By: Alexandria Hughes

May 20, 2016

Oldest cemetary in Ireland

Today is day 6 of our trip, this is the last day of our Shamrock tour through the countryside of Northern Ireland.Our next destination is Dublin, home of thousands of pubs. Before arriving to Dublin we took a few detours at historical spots. One stop was in Loughcrew which is a graveyard that had a 90 ft tower made in the golden age. This is the oldest cemetary in Ireland and possibly the oldest in the world according to the Irish. It was interesting seeing the graves they used now compared to what we use today in America.

Our next stop was to a well known wishing tree. After the dark ages the fairies were known to spread Christianity through Ireland, while we were there we each prayed for someone dipped a piece of yarn in the holy water and tied it to the tree. It is said that overtime when the yarn falls off the tree that is when whatever you prayed/wished for comes true. Lastly we went to a 5,000 year old tomb at the top of a mile long hill. Although it was pouring rain and we were all soaked, we were able to see the tomb that showed individuals during this period the time of year based on what chamber the sun hit. It was interesting to see how individuals could tell what time of the year it was based on what chamber the sun shined through as well as the specific day based on what carving it shined on.

More on the myths of the Fairy Tree

We finally arrived in Dublin in the late afternnoon where we will be for about 5 days. Although it was beautiful to see all of the scenary up north, it was nice to see cities larger than 150 people. We went to a beautiful place for dinner and a few pubs!

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