Go Green.

Go Green.

By Katie Gotta



Throughout our time in Dublin we passed Trinity College on numerous occasions. Whether it was for a quick bite to eat at one of the abundant coffee shops or pubs nearby or learning the history of the University through the hop on-hop off bus tour, it was clear that Trinity was a very important piece of history to Dublin.


On our fifth and final day in Dublin (so sad), we finally made it inside the walls of Trinity for a personal student tour. Our tour guide was going to be a third year and told us he lived at home with his parents. It was interesting to see how the student lives differ from Trinity in Dublin to MSU at home. He spoke about how out of the 16,000+ students who walk through the University walls daily, only 800 are given the chance to live on-campus, with the majority of students choosing to live at home or off campus. This was a big difference to MSU’s 10,000+ students who live on campus every year with nearly everybody else attending the University living in just a few mile radius.

Old Library housing the Book of Kells

Following the tour yesterday I reached out to a girl I went to high school with that currently attends the Trinity to ask a few questions about the university (even though she was already home for summer break) and she spoke about the challenging academics that Trinity is known for and how she balances that with the abundance of culture and nightlife surrounding the school in Dublin City Centre. She was saying how much of the Trinity life is dedicated to research and school work but making time to enjoy everything that Dublin has to offer is important to her, and one of the main reasons she chose the University.

While Trinity is small but academically mighty, MSU is large and in charge, thriving on the abundance of programs offered. I love hearing about different universities in comparison to MSU, as it’s so different and yet comforting to know that in just 2 short months I’ll be back at enormous State in an atmosphere that I thrive in, yet is so different from the likes of those like Trinity. I’m thankful to be able to visit such a culturally enriched university but if I’m gonna go green, it’s gonna be MSU. Sorry Dublin, still love you. 🙂


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