The World of Advertising Through a Nursing Student’s Eyes

The World of Advertising Through a Nursing Student’s Eyes

By Sarah Staelgraeve

This morning we went to a crazy museum for the popular UK show “Dr. Who”. It reminded me of Star Wars with some time travel thrown into it. Personally, I was a little scared, as it felt like we were walking through a really technologically advanced haunted house.

click if you want to be spooked!

Our afternoon was filled with an informational presentation. When the trip first started and I was meeting people, the topic of major was brought up quite often. The programs that offer class credits for Mass Media 2016 include advertising, communications and journalism. I am not any of these majors and many people asked why I came on this specific study abroad trip. First of all, I knew a girl who did last year and it just looked and sounded incredible. There also aren’t any UK/Europe options for nursing students and these are places I really wanted to travel this summer. I also thought that learning about these topics, thinking about media and the advertising world and communicating with people are important things to improve in regardless of major.



It has been almost two weeks since this journey began and I feel like I have already learned so much.  Today was especially educational because we went to visit Golley Slater, a well known ad agency. Even though this has nothing to do with my major, I thought everything was interesting and it was good for me to learn about. My favorite part was going through what ads were like in different time periods. It was wild to see how much has change and made me curious about what is to come in the future. The time was good while it lasted Wales now on to London tomorrow!

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