Walking Like Monsters in Wales!

By Holly Harestad

 After a boarding a four hour long ferry (that really was just a huge cruise ship, we spent the entire time in a movie theatre) and a five hour train ride we had finally arrived in Wales! Our forty-two hour trip just did not seem like enough however. It is so beyond beautiful here and the weather was nothing like good ol’ rainy Ireland.

The second I realized I was liking Wales so much was when our first dinner and drink cost us less than 10 pounds!!! You guys, seriously, 10 pounds was getting me one drink in Ireland. #Icant

 We started our day out with heading to the “Dr. Who Experience “which I had no clue about going into! Turns out, Dr. Who is a television show that has been aired and adored by people all over the world since the 70s. It included an interactive walk through and ended with an exhibition that had tons of monsters. I can’t say I really get the hype about the show… however my friends and I tried considering an experience like this about a T.V. show we love, like The Bachelor. When we thought about it this way we totally  put ourselves in the “Dr. Who” fans shoes and understood why they put their phones away and tell their friends they can’t talk while the show is on… because we do it too. 🙂

After that we headed to a pretty view, a yummy lunch and then back to the hotel to get ourselves ready to go to the advertising agency, Golley Slater.


Being able to interact and talk to the head of creative directors and what their job entails and really is like day in and day out is such a cool experience. Especially when I am pretty open and love learning more about occupations having to do with my major, it really does help to give a clearer idea of what to expect in certain jobs and what direction I am trying to go in.

After the presentations, the Media Director of Golley Slater took us out for a nice cold beer at a local restaurant! We had a chance to talk with other employees and ask questions and really feel like we were on a personal level with them. We were so lucky to have had this opportunity with such an amazing group of people.

Next stop, LONDON! YAY!


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