We made it to the UK!

By: Alexandria Hughes

May 26, 2016

I would say this part of the trip was quite unexpected for most of us. We arrived yesterday via ferry and train to the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, the ferry ride was great! We spent the whole 3 hours in the movie theatre where we napped and watched The Intern. After arriving in Northern Wales, we took a train down to Cardiff, this 4 hour train ride was not as bad as I anticipated considering we had an essay to write the whole way there. I’ll admit I wasn’t too excited about this part of the trip especially knowing we were so close to London; yet, I absolutley love it here! The people, food, and places are great. We arrived in Cardiff around 6, went straight to dinner where we got cheap food (finally) and walked around. Sadly, we didn’t get to enjoy the town as much as we wanted to because we were exhausted from the 8 hour travel day.

This morning we went to the Dr. Who Experience. As many people don’t know, including myself before today, this show is huge in the United Kingdom. It is to the point where everyone mutes their phones while the show is on television. Although we don’t have anything equivalent to that in the U.S. I could relate that to how most college girls watch the Bachelor series. This experience wasn’t particularly something that interested me becuase medieval and supernatural shows do not fascinate me. I’ll admit the interactive set was fun; however, I would not choose to do this activity again. The show is pretty hard to explain, but I added in a link to give you a preview of what the show is like.

Characters in Dr.Who

See a trailer of Dr.Who

To conclude our day, we went to an Advertising Agency.  I would say this was one of the highlights of the trip so far because we learned a vast amount of useful information from such a well known agency in the world, Golley Slater. While at this agency we were able to

The Lobby of Golley Slater

talk to media advertisers, marketing representatives and planners about the process that goes through communication, advertisement and public relationship firms. Through this experience I was able to understand the different sectors associated with the whole process of advertising products whether it is through ads, commercials or the thousands of methods made daily. It is such a growing business that needs creative individuals, and it was wonderful to be able to speak directly to these individuals.

Check out Golley Slaters advertisement on Organ Donations in the UK

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