Can we stay longer in Cardiff?


By Ally Hamzey

Cardiff. I had seen you as a stop in tour date lists of various bands before I entered you. Quite honestly, I didn’t know much about you, besides the fact that Welsh is the language a large percent of your population speaks, and that it quite honestly looks like keyboard smash to me when I try to read Welsh.

I fell in love with you and was taken aback by your alluring balance of contemporary and historical themes. On one block, there’s a colorful row of trendy looking restaurants and bars. On the other street, there stands old, historically dense buildings. Each exude a different kind of charm that is completely unique to the city.

Cardiff, Wales.

Although quaint and not a busy city like the Dublin, Cardiff holds the Doctor Who Experience, an interactive experience that stimulates the iconic show through an adventure with “the Doctor”. Although I hadn’t seen the show before, it wasn’t hard to feel immersed into a real TV show as we were taken on an adventure that stimulated a typical plot of a Doctor Who episode.


The amount of gruesomely bizarre and ugly monsters used as props since the shows origin in the 60s’ was astonishing to say the least. The details in all of the costumes used on the show was incredible. Every little component of the show, even something as seemingly unimportant as a tweed jacket, all add crucial, defining details to the show.

Some of the old characters in the Doctor Who show.

In the afternoon, to top off an already great day, we met with Golley Slater, an advertising, public relations, and media agency in Cardiff. Golley Slater welcomed us with open arms and Welsh cakes (kind of like a fusion of a scone and biscuit?), and a number of incredibly informative presentations that identified realities of advertising and debunked myths.

What resonated the most with me was the emphasis on the importance of kindness. It was stressed that no matter how talented or established you are, the agency will not hire you or work with you if you are pleasant. This kind of message usually isn’t taught in a lecture hall, and I think it is equally important as the information we are taught to memorize in professor’s PowerPoints.

I was in awe of the inspiration and motivation that our visit with Golley Slater left me with. I think I can speak for all of us when I say we all could envision ourselves at a welcoming, creatively stimulating environment like Golley Slater in our future careers. It is a massive relief to see a potential future where you can apply the skill set you’ve worked so hard for at college becoming a reality. Visiting this agency showed that the resources I have available to me, the studies I’ve pursued, and the growth from this study abroad experience itself will all be catalysts to a successful career. It’s all just about if it want it enough. (And, if I’m nice enough!)


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