So long, Cardiff

Cardiff has been one of the best cities we’ve visited so far. Although we were only there for two days, we easily could’ve stayed much longer. The day trip to Dr. Who was an unforgettable experience. It reminded me a lot like Universal Studios and the way they set up the experience. With the interactive modules, all of the special effects, and the animation that was included. I’ve never seen the show before, so I was excited to see how it would go. The show was definitely “out there” in the fact that It has such a unique story to it, and the amount of creativity behind this program was really cool. I thought it was fascinating to see all of the props in the facility from when they started doing the show.  We were able to see all the monsters, costumes, and many extras. IMG_1398IMG_1400








The following day, we had the honor to visit the ad agency called, Golley Slater. I found this opportunity extremely helpful, just because it was my first time actually seeing and hearing what ad agencies achieve, and strive for when they are marketing brands, and dealing with clients. The tour was amazing, in regards to getting an idea of how everyone in the agency contributes to making an ad. The work that Golley Slater produces is very eye opening and real, especially their commercial directed towards the British Army, about how they are more likely to die from an accident, more than a normal civilian. The ad hit me in the feels, when they said that a death plays more of an affect on the family than it does with the person who died. It really hit home, because while it’s devastating for a death, but the emotional affect that it plays on the family, goes beyond and it will haunt them forever. When they released the ad, there was a 33% decrease in automotive deaths, towards soldiers in the British Army.

All around, my time in Cardiff was amazing, and I hope in the future that I’ll be able to visit Cardiff.



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