Thank you, Cardiff

Thank you, Cardiff

By Katie Gotta


Advertising is such a big component of our culture today. It surrounds us everywhere we go- on our computers, our phones, or even just walking around. It is one of the few careers left that no computer could ever do the same way humans can, making it special, irreplaceable and exciting.

Throughout my life I’ve had many career dreams. When I was young I was very creative and I dreamt of being a graphic designer, then an architect, then a marketing executive, and now I find myself a business major somewhere in the middle of it all. My official degree title of a hospitality business major with a minor in real estate development attempts to tie all of these career dreams together, but it wasn’t until today that I realized the main goal of my career dreams and found one that suits my creativity but drive for business perfectly.

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Visiting the Golley Slater advertising agency today changed my outlook on my career, and I couldn’t help but get excited when Mike began speaking about the abundance of options within the firm, especially when he elaborated on the client manager role. I couldn’t help but start dreaming about my future life working with clients in the agency. Being on the front line, having a new adventure everyday and working directly with clients to make them happy is what I want to do with my life, and that is what Mike helped me realize through his presentation. I may be a hospitality business major, but after today I know that I want to find myself working in an advertising agency 5 years from now. I can’t begin to explain how energized and excited I am about my future and I feel eternally grateful to the Golley Slater agency for helping me realize so much about myself in just three short hours.

See more of Golley Slater’s incredible advertisements here.

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