26 May, 2016

by: Marisa Ruggirello

Song of the Day: Don’t Stop // Fleetwood Mac

Cardiff. I am yours. My initial thought was that you were dirty and boring and I was very much mistaken. You are beautiful and exciting, and make me regret that I only had 24 hours with you.

Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay, Wales // 26 May 2016

We began our day at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff Bay, where the show is filmed. Dr. Who is unlike any other television phenomenon that I have come across. The show is not dissimilar to

Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff Bay, Wales // 26 May 2016

American soap operas in longevity, but is without a doubt, the most bizarre show I have ever encountered. It began in the 60s and ran until the late 80s until it was rebooted in 2005 and has continued to air every year since. The show chronicles the adventures of the Doctor, the last Time Lord, and his many companions. The Doctor travels aro
und in his time machine disguised as an old English Police Box (its bigger on the inside, supposedly) named the TARDIS. The interesting factor is that whenever the Doctor receives what would be a fatal blow to humans, he ‘regenerates’ into a new body. Weirdness aside, this means that when one actor is ready to move on, or the storyline is tired with a specific actor, they can cast a new one. There have been twelve Doctors in all with Peter Capaldi playing the current Doctor. The show is a beloved United Kingdom pastime and citizens do not even dare to call one another when Doctor Who is on. The only show I could compare it to in America would be Game of Thrones, and that is not even a close comparison.


Our afternoon was spent at Golly Slater, an advertising agency that has offices located in London, Edinburgh and Birmingham, England, as well as the Cardiff location. I was taken aback at their hospitality as well as their presentations given. The amount of information I learned about an advertising agency in a two hour span was absolutely incredible. It made me feel as if though graduating from college isn’t A C T U A L L Y the end of the word, and maybe I will be okay leaving the place that I have called home for the last four years and has had my heart for as long as I can remember. An interesting part of Golly Slater’s presentation was discussing the use of music in advertising since the 1950s. Music is something that I have always been passionate about and am constantly looking for that next band or singer to obsess over. All in all, it was an extremely informative session.

Overall, Cardiff, you were exceptional. Thank you for your cheap drinks, live music bars and lovely Mermaid Quay Marina. I promise I’ll be back one day. But now comes the big one. London. Wow. Here we go.

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