A World of Possibilities

By: Amara Tamborini


Today I was fortunate enough to meet with a few of the team members from Golley Slater Advertising Agency in Cardiff, Wales. During our time there, we spoke with workers from multiple areas of their company ranging from PR, customer service, creative and social media. Each staff member touched base on their various responsibilities and positions. I found this presentation extremely informative. Before today, I would have never considered to look in to jobs at an advertising agency simply because my degree is in Communication and not Advertising or Marketing. I had always assumed that an agency would be strictly creative and nothing more. However, there is so much more that goes in to the company and keeping it running. Not only was I misinformed about the positions and opportunities that can be found through an agency, I also found out that the many positions typically overlap and work together. Jobs and responsibilities are no longer black and white. It really gave me a new perspective of agency and career path options.

One position I was particularly interested in was the Social Media category Our media presenter Jake had a very similar background and set of interests that I very strongly related to. For having such an established position as Executive of Social Media, Jake’s career path is very atypical from those in similar positions in the Unite States. Unlike in the U.S. where a college degree is almost always necessary to acquire a job; let alone executive position, Jake did not attend college. Jake informed us that he had no desire to attend university, but instead wanted to pursue a career in creative arts. Alike Jake, I saw no appeal in going to college. Though I have since changed my mind and am extremely grateful for the opportunity to further my education at Michigan State; two years ago, I would have dreaded the thought of attending school for four more years. Bring able to see someone who had the same outlook on a college education being successful in the field hope to go in to was very encouraging. Jake’s position in creative research is particularly interesting to e. It is his job to research the target audience and their values, beliefs, culture and other factors that would determine if a certain marketing strategy would be affective or not. Part od his position involves going to interact with clients and visit regions where the ad with reach. I feel as if I would strive in this area or position like this because not only do I have a strong interest in human behavior and social factors, but I also enjoy working with people and experiencing new things. The experience opened my eyes to new possibilities that I’m excited to explore.

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