“I’m more of a modern girl.”

Emily Morrow


Here we are, our last full day in Dublin! Crazy how fast this part of our trip went. Today we had planned for us a tour of the world known Trinity College. This college is remarkable. The architecture of the buildings had me in awe. The history of the college is present all over campus.

The campus and buildings were beautiful. They are very old but have kept their beauty remarkably. In the college they keep the Book of Kells. We were able to explore the place it is kept and learn about it a little bit. From my knowledge, the Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript Gospel book in Latin. The book was written by 4 different people by hand, each with their own designated job of what part they wrote. They showed a video of someone writing in Latin with a quill and I found that so cool to watch. The handwriting was flawless and must have taken them an unbelievable amount of time to finish it all.

After checking out the book and seeing some spectacular architecture, a few of the girls and I started talking about if we would like to attend Trinity College. We all agreed that we think it’s very prestigious and historical but we still admire MSU and would not want to attend Trinity. In my own opinion, I like the feel of MSU and other universities that are more chill and customized for young adults. My lame quote of the day consisted in me telling Katie that “I’d rather stay at MSU where its not as historical. I’m more of a modern girl.”

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