The Doctor Is In

By Mia Wallace

May 26, 2016


IMG_3959Going into the Dr. Who Experience today, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I was thinking probably a cool museum, some of the TV show’s history on being such a long IMG_3965running program and probably some props. But when we walked through the doors into the exhibit, it was like nothing I was anticipating. It was a full-immersion experience that felt like we were transported into an episode of Dr. Who. Strobe lights, fog, moving walls and a storyline to boot. We had to journey our way through a maze of wild sets and scary monsters to save the universe — just like Dr. Who.

I never really knew what the big hype was behind Dr. Who until I got here. I watched it a couple times, forcibly by a kid I would babysit now and again who was the biggest die-hard fan I’ve ever seen. I was extremely confused the entire time and didn’t understand IMG_3954what or who the Doctor was. So it never really clicked with me about why it was such a popular and long-running program. We were told that when new episodes air, everyone knows not to call each other during that time and one of the girls in my class even said how her friend who lives here has told her “I can’t talk to you right now, Dr. Who is on”.

There is no comparison for such a beloved and anticipated show in the United States like there is here with Dr. Who. It was a great learning experience and it most definitely convinced me to give it another go with the Doctor.

To find out more about Dr. Who’s history and presence in the United Kingdom’s culture, click here!

One thought on “The Doctor Is In

  1. The archives angle > BBC routinely erased episodes of Dr. Who in the 1960s – roughly 40% from the series first six years >
    What today seems a sacrilege was normal operating procedure. Wikipedia charts the very public global hunt to recover lost episodes > the “Raiders of the Lost Archive” campaign. How’s that for mass media and advertising?


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