Unexpected Treasure



Emily Morrow


Cardiff, Wales.  We have all heard the name of this city at some point in our lives, but have we actually thought anything of it? I mean honestly, we hear about the big crazy cities like London, Paris, and Dublin, but we don’t really have that hype for Cardiff. Upon arrival to this little hidden gem, my feelings went from questioning why we were stopping in Wales, to “I am so freakin’ happy we stopped in Cardiff, Wales!” The city is beautiful. It is just the right size, not too big, not too small.  And the views..oh my God are they amazing.  The beautiful Cardiff Bay was my favorite view of the day.

The day was amazing all around.  I know I keep saying I have found my favorite part of this trip, but today was one of the top experiences in my life thus far let alone just on the trip.  We visited an advertising agency, Golley Slater, where we met with a few of their employees and were presented with an amazing powerpoint explaining the roles of all people in the agency.  I, myself am a Creative and I was loving the way the man presenting made not only Creatives but everyone in the firm seem important in their own way.  The world of advertising seems even more exciting after today and I absolutely was inspired to work even harder in my specialization.  I loved being able to experience something that confirmed even more so that I chose the right field! Thank you to everyone who planned today’s event!

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