A Day in the Life

By Holly Harestad

This weekend, we arrived in London!!! We pulled up to our flats in the famously recognized “black cabs” and noticed that our home for the next two weeks would be smack dab in the middle of a multi-million dollar neighborhood. #blessed

Saturday we spent all day exploring seeing the most iconic sites of London; the church where Will and Kate got married, the London Eye, Big Ben! It was so amazing and we plan on making many more trips there before we have to depart. 🙂

Sunday was spent finding all of the best restaurants and gelato (and also finding the nearest gym because of all of London’s delicious food). Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Today, we were taken on an Unseen Tour  of Camden, London by a (formerly) homeless man named Mike. Going into this, the group was a little hesitant and not quite sure what to expect, que the stereotypes. However, Mike and the city of Camden for that matter, exceeded my expectations immensely.

The city of Camden has so much history, fame, and also homelessness. It’s crazy how much the two extremes of having the richest of rich and the poorest of the poor, not even one mile away from each other, all living in the same area.


Our guide was naming famous people that presently live there which was making each on of us fan girl. To name a few, the Beckham’s, Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow. We freaked out to say the least.

As we walked, we listened to all that Mike had to say about how he came into homelessness. He used to be a big business man, until the recession and that all came crashing down. It was hard to hear, but the story of him having to pull himself back together and figure it out was inspiring. It made me realize how truly lucky I am to have grown up and have such a huge support system behind me to lean back on through my own struggles.

This tour brought so much insight and inspiration to me and was such a different experience. Without study abroad I don’t think I would have ever booked something like this for myself, which is a shame and which is why I felt so blessed to be there today learning someone else’s story (especially by a homeless man who literally at the same time has grabbed beer with the lead singer of Led Zeppelin).


So lucky to have had this fun day planned and shown to us! P.S. Countdown to Paris starts now! 4 days!

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