Camden, You’re My Wonderwall

by: Marisa Ruggirello

Song of the Day: Valerie ft. Amy Winehouse // Mark Ronson

Every time I think I can’t fall in love with this trip any more, I find myself in a new surrounding and am proven wrong. This time it was the borough of London known as Camden, or as I like to call it, the Most Amazing Place on Earth.

Camden does not feel like a part of London. In fact, it feels like a completely different city than the one that has buildings such as Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London. Camden is the birthplace of punk rock that emerged in the late 70s and 80s, and the city itself reflects that. It is a alternative-style fashion giant and has started trends that have become mainstream across the world, such as Doc Marten boots. The shops are amazing, and many people set up tents and sell their products, such as homemade jewelry, candles, clothing, anything you can think of. That is how they make their living. The food truck stations are endless and eclectic.


Camden is also where many now famous musicians started their careers. The Gallagher brothers of Oasis and the late Amy Winehouse are two of the most recent acts to skyrocket to fame because of their early beginnings in Camden. Music is very important to the area and they mainly gorge themselves on a diet of rock, alternative and heavy metal. Not to say that pop music isn’t great, its just not as celebrated as much there, so to speak. I myself am always looking for that next great band, and so I found myself gravitating towards Camden. It has an unexplainable vibe and feel to it that is incomparable to any other place I have experienced.

Music is something that is so important to so many people, whether you can play an instrument, sing exceptionally well, or you just enjoy feeling the sounds and melodies flowing through your ears all the way down to your toes. Music is a way for people to connect, to communicate, to express themselves. Camden is a visual representation of that expression. It is indescribable, undeniable and something that I will always cherish and remember.

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