Feelin’ Lucky in London

Feelin’ Lucky in London

By Sarah Staelgraeve

Happy Memorial Day! 5/30/2016 marks our 17th day abroad and our 4th day in the lovely city of London. From the moment we stepped off the train, I fell in love with this place. We had the weekend off to do as we please. Friday was a day filled with travel, so by the end of it and once we were all settled into our flats, everyone crashed early. Saturday was spent exploring around via tour bus. We got off and walked around Big Ben and the London Eye; both iconic sights in London.

When the sun went down, we went to a famous club called The Zoo. On our cab ride home, we found a street that had all of our favorite and well known stores that were SUPER-SIZED London style. We can’t wait to go shopping (sorry Mom and Dad). Sunday we went out to lunch at a place close by our flats and then we took the tube to get wonderful gelato. Personally, I found the tube a little confusing at first, but I have been getting the hang of it.

Today our adventure consisted of a Sock Mob tour. This is a tour of Camden given by a man who was once homeless. Camden is a small village atmosphere where many celebrities such as Kate Moss, One Direction members, the lead singer of Led Zeppelin, the Beckham family and others own homes in. It attracts them because it is beautiful and not as populated as most parts of London. I have known about London since I was a little girl as stories about it are smeared all over the media, but Camden on the other hand is a part I never heard of until today. I felt a bit star struck as I walked past places where all these people had once been or are currently living.

The picture on the left is one I took today while the picture on the right was taken in the past but on the same balcony. The tour guide was once a homeless man (that’s the point of these tours), and he told us his life story. I am so fortune and blessed to have grown up the way I did in America and for the opportunities I have been given. Today, I felt very lucky to be on this study abroad journey in London.

curious about the tour? click here

Primrose Hill

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