Golley Slater imma see you later

by: Darien Velasquez


I didn’t know much about Cardiff at all, if anything to be honest and the same goes for Whales and what a pleasant surprise it was! Cardiff is the type of place you read about in the books and see in the movies. It was the most quiet and most beautiful area I have yet to see. The weather was beautiful and the scenery was amazing but that isn’t why I liked Whales as much as I did. I liked Whales specifically because of the Golley Slater advertising agency. I’m not an advertising major but I am extremely interested in public relations and anything to do with media. Meeting with this agency was inspiring for me because as a journalist at MSU it’s hard to get into producing and the background end of things without taking all of the news TV classes first (and I do not want to go into news). I would love to make commercials for major companies which is something that Golley Slater does and when I was asking questions I found that there were journalists in there doing exactly what I want to do in a place that I would love to live in personally! There were a lot of presentations that were not just informative but actually interesting and something I can actually take home with me. After the presentation, I spoke to some of the people who actually work there over a drink where we discussed possible internships and that was the absolute highlight of my day. I learned more with two hours at Golley Slater then I ever have in a class at MSU when it comes to advertising.




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