Hidden Hollywood

Alexandria Hughes

May 30, 2016

Before I talk about the awesome adventure that took place today, I would like to give a brief overview of my first weekend in London. I went on a bus tour through the city, ate wonderful food, saw the London Eye and Big Ben, and even found a gym with a free week pass.

Today we went on a tour through Camden, a pretty unexpected tour if you ask me. This was a guided tour led by a man named Mike. Our tour guide wasn’t just an ordinarry man, he was homeless in the past. On this “unseen tour of Camden” we learned a wide range of things about the beautiful city of Camden. From a far it looks like a beautiful little town filled with happy and wealthy residences; yet, there is much more to this lovely town. We were told the history of Camden, the non- profit organizations within this town, the celebrities that live here and the various movies captured here!


Camden…. Where do I even begin? Little Detroit, thats what it reminds me of! At the begining of the tour we were able to see the industrial aspect of Camden and how it started and later became known for its musical associations. This town is where Heavy Metal, Rock and Roll and Alternative music is well appreciated. Amy Winehouse and Jack White, a detroit singer came to Camden to perform in a place home to music.

Along with sharing the history of Camdon, Mike also shared his personal stories of how he became homeless. Prior to the depression Mike was an engineer and as well as a high level business man; after losing his job he became homeless and suffered for years to feed himself. This non profit organization ” Unseen tour of Camden” is where individuals that were in a similar case as Mike can show what is actually beneath the glamourous side of Camden.

Check out the Sock Mob Tour

One of my favorite parts of the tour was the Primrose Hill. At the top of the hill you could see the beautiful view of the city and even the London Eye; to top that off it was a beautiful day once again!

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