Hidden Treasure


By Emma Fleming

Today was a very humbling day. We went on an Unseen Tour led by a man who was formerly homeless in the beautiful town of Camden. This town could not have two opposite ways of life- one filled with posh superstars such as Robert Plant (lead singer of Led Zeppelin), Daniel Craig, Jude Law and Kate Moss just to name a few, and one filled with a very unexpected amount of poverty.

For some reason I felt starstruck when our guide told us that the hill we were standing on was the hill that the Beckham family sleds down when it snows.

The Beckhams have walked this ground #omg #blessed #starstruck

I should retrace our steps of the tour a little bit and focus on the town of Camden some more. We began the tour with our guide showing us the Marathon Restaurant. Although this place looked a little shady, he explained that musicians flock to this place and sometimes will play spontaneous shows. Music is a HUGE part of the evolution of this town considering all of the musicians that have lived there and still do to this day. There is a concert hall called the Roundhouse that stages artists such as Calvin Harris, One Direction, as well as the iTunes Concert Festival. These big acts and events are how Camden stays on the map. Although the town itself may be known for its celebrity sightings, the effect that music has had on it is much more important to its residents.

The coolest part of the tour, in my opinion, was when Mike our guide mentioned that Amy Winehouse came from this area. Not only do I love her music, but I watched a documentary about her a little while ago so it was interesting to me to see her hometown in person. This town of Camden worships Amy Winehouse. She may be one of the town’s most cherished treasures of music despite all of the huge acts that have gone through. She is commemorated in paintings and statues scattered all around.

Camden was a town that I definitely didn’t expect to be as full of culture as it was. I’ll be back for some live music and hopefully celeb spotting.

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