Just touched down in London

  • By Jasmine Watts


So it’s our 4th day in London and we had the weekend off. We’ve gotten lost twice, and I almost had a panic attack on the subway, but things are finally starting to look up. Exploring this giant city has been an exciting and nerve wrecking experience so far.

I’ve never been in a city so big. Just when I think I’ve seen a lot of it, another piece emerges. We stay in a quaint area called little Venice. I like it here.

Today we did the unseen tour of Camden where homeless and former homeless people are tour guides and show us the Camden area. This one small piece of London has contributed to such a big part of London’s history, music history, and media history. I learned that Camden is where punk rock was created, where many movies were filmed (such as the James Bond movie), includes the highest point of London, and is strangely where both celebrities and homeless people stay.

We got to see the homes of poets, actresses, television hosts, and singers. Seeing this area put a lot into perspective of where paparazzi may catch celebrities when they hang out in London and cool places to film in London or make an album cover (such as Pink Floyd did).

I appreciated that our tour guide was a former homeless man. He gave us many personal examples of things he went through and what the area meant to him. It gave me a whole new view of London and the Camden area. It also made me look at homeless people in a different light. He told us of the many celebrities he’s met while living in the area. It made me question why he was homeless, why wouldn’t these people help him get off of his feet. But then he explained to us that he had worn out his welcome & didn’t want to be a pest. I’m extremely happy that he is no longer homeless and enjoys his job as a tour guide. Afterwards, we got to enjoy the shops in Camden market.

Entering Camden market. This is just a glimpse of how busy it is.

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