OK Camden, I see you!


Emily Morrow


Oh, London..what more could I ask for! There is not a dull moment in this city, or a dull spot! The many communities within London surprised me. Our group is staying in Little Venice, and today we discovered the cute (and high-end) community of Camden! This place is where Amy Winehouse is buried and where current celebrities currently reside. Some celebs we were told about today from an amazing tour guide were Harry Styles (yeah, THE sexy, talented HARRY STYLES) and David Beckham (equally sexy). Speaking of our tour guide, he himself proved to be very inspiring! Our tour today was lead by a formally homeless man that is now happy and back on his feet. He told us the ups and downs in his life that lead him to homelessness. He was once a very successful business man but during the recent recession had lost his job and went through many trials and failures until he found the nonprofit “Unseen Tours” organization where he works now where current or formally homeless people in the area are given jobs to tour parts of the city and are paid for it. The man showed us all the unique and cultural parts of Camden. He showed us an unbelievable view of the London skyline from the Primrose Hill as well! The view showed iconic buildings and monuments like Big Ben, the London Bridge, and of course the London Eye.

After the amazing tour and breathtaking views we of course had to hit the shops at the Camden market. The place was filled with everything you could possibly imagine! It definitely was a successful trip to Camden.

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