Primrose Hill… Home away from Home

By Brooke Segal

I have to start by saying, London is a huge city and the last couple of days have been rough. Trying to get from point A to point B takes about two hours because the group always ends up getting lost. Which always calls for a break at the near by coffee shop. Public transportation is not easy people. Not complaining (trust me, I love it here), but its like moving to New York for the very first time and being lost in a concrete jungle.

When I say “Home away from Home” I mean I wish someday I could live in Primrose. Today, our tour guide, Mike, took us around Camden and Primrose. Two beautiful and lively parts of London. Mike’s story was humbling as he was once homeless from the 2008 recession and has worked to get himself back on his feet. He knew so much about the culture of London and the history of Camden and Primrose. Exiting the tube at Camden, it seemed like nothing at first. Camden has so much musical history, including being the home to Amy Winehouse.

I have been to Beverly Hills and Primrose trumps Rodeo Drive. Primrose is filled with famous people and has a strong sense of community. Its a town that only has businesses the community has let in. Therefore, there are no big corporations, such as Starbucks, in the area. With such a strong celebrity population, the people of London don’t make such a big deal about the famous. They are just like any other member of society. Mike still has very low income and can barley afford a drink at the pub, meanwhile he is sitting next to Harry Styles and Kate Moss on the regular.

We stopped at a pub in Primrose where Kate Moss has been spotted multiple times. Here is the link to her on a the balcony and the picture below is from today’s tour.


The city is London is the most comparable city to America thus far, yet the culture is still so different. Hopefully in the next two weeks, we will have the tube down and the London in the palm of our hands!

One thought on “Primrose Hill… Home away from Home

  1. Love this! I love to travel and love hearing about people’s adventures. Can’t wait to see what else you come out with!
    Maybe you could take a look at my blog? thanks!


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