The Big Apple… Or Not

The Big Apple… Or Not

By Colleen Ferguson

After another long, stressful day of travel Friday, we made it to London. Finally. I CAN FINALLY WASH MY CLOTHES. This was my first thought upon arrival. Nothing has made me happier than the ability to wash my clothes and unpack my suitcase (seriously).

Now that I have been in London for a few days I can say that I have noticed one thing specifically that was quite interesting to me. I would honestly say that I have seen more New York hats here than in the United States (maybe even in New York itself). I feel like everywhere I turn there is another person wearing a classic Yankee’s hat. Not only Yankee’s hats though, there are “I heart NYC” shirts and even NYPD clothes.

At first I didn’t understand why there was so much New York memorabilia. While NYC is a huge tourist location I thought that there was no way that everyone I was seeing went to New York. Then it hit me, as I was walking through Topshop I noticed an entire section of the store dedicated to apparel with iconic cities in America.

This made me remember how much I loved wearing clothing with the Union Jack on it when I was younger. I had shirts, hats, and even jeans with the Union Flag on it. I am curious as to what draws someone to purchase clothes with another countries logo and flag on it. Maybe there is such a strong amount of NYC hats because of the interest that so many people have in the United States. Either way, I am basically back in the States for a quick second when I take a look around and see the amount of American themed clothing surrounding me in the UK.


Look close enough and you can probably find a Yankee’s Hat somewhere (no promises)

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