“This is for Camden! Camden Town ain’t burning down!” – Amy Winehouse

by: Darien Velasquez

On May 29th, 2016, I fell in love and fell fast….for my new bae, London. I wasn’t sure what to expect considering my first day here was a series of unfortunate events that kept piling on top of each other. For one thing I couldn’t figure out the public transportation around London at all which was a walking anxiety attack all on its own. Once I gave up on the bus system and the underground tubing and cabs, I decided it would be best to walk. Walking was fun for the first hour or so but after the second and third I became “hangry”and emotional. Of course I made it back three hours after everyone else and of course I didn’t buy any groceries that day and of course have insomnia so I didn’t sleep a wink BUT despite all the things I listed above..I found Camden. Camden is the reason I fell in love with London, not for the shops and not for the men and their accents but because of Camden. I felt at home almost. The culture there was different then any place I’de ever been in my entire life but I loved every single second of it.

The Unseen Tour of Camden was something I will never forget. The tour was a walking tour led by a former homeless man who is now a tour guide. He showed and shared things with us that I will never forget. We walked down the street where Paddington the bear was filmed and that just so happens to be my seven year old brothers favorite movie (yes I teared up a bit). I was able to visit the Amy Winehouse statue (huge fan) and got to learn more about the punk culture in the UK and Camden specifically! I love punk and I love Camden!

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