Beneath Camden Town..

Beneath Camden Town…

By Katie Gotta


At approximately 11am this morning, I hopped onto the tube with my sights set on discovering the famed streets of Camden, a town known for it’s punk eccentrics and sprawling urban markets. What I found upon arrival was far beyond anything I could have foreseen from knowing such little about the place.

Turning onto Camden High street was an incredible sight, with the never ending small eccentric shops full of knick knacks and gifts. Many of the storefronts had bright and crazy fronts such as the shop pictured below, Namaste.

Following our morning exploring Camden, we began a group tour of the Unseen Camden Town. These tours are run by previously homeless persons and show their visitors what lies deep within Camden, such as stories of famed landmarks that you wouldn’t know from walking normally down the street.

Our tour guide, Mike, spoke about this and much about the music of Camden, speaking about his fun growing up in the town and his friendships with so many of the now internationally famed musicians. The punk movement started in the area in the 80s, and Mike seemed to know every person in every band that had passed through the area.IMG_4020

He brought us to a the iconic celebrity gold mine Primrose Hill located just north of Camden Town. The area is home to many of the rich and famous such as Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, David Beckham and Chris Martin of Coldplay, to just name a few. While the hill seemed incredibly small in comparison to many in the US, it was the highest point in London and gave way to a spectacular view of the city.

With Camden Town giving off such a great edgy energy and Primrose Hill so quaint just beyond it, it’s no wonder that so many people in the arts flock to the town. Maybe next time I visit I’ll stumble across one of the numerous celebrities and have a jam session in the back of Marathon like Mike said. Now that sounds like a fun time.

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