Diverse London

By Morgan Lauer



Today we made our way through the pouring rain to our ACCENT classroom to listen to our first guest speaker, Dan Wheatley. Dan is a history teacher and is involved in human rights advocacy and policy.

Food Venders in Camden

Over the last few days of being here, I have noticed the immense diversity. I noticed it especially at the food venders in Camden. There were so many different kinds of food it was hard to choose. I had Filipino food for the first time, and I was skeptical at first but it ended up being some of the best food I have ever tasted. After already experiencing some of the different cultures, it was Dan’s lecture was on London’s diversity and multiculturalism. We learned how London is full of different races, religions, and languages. There are currently 300 languages in the city of London, and less than half (45%) of the population is actually “White British.” London even won one the bid for the 2012 summer Olympics against Paris, because even though Paris had better facilities, London was more diverse.IMG_6729

Coming from a very small town in Northern Michigan, I had not experienced such a diverse or multicultural setting. Dan mentioned that it is so normal for children here to have friends that are from different cultures and backgrounds. He said that him and his wife’s best friends are different ethnicities as well. Growing up I would have loved to experience this and have friends from all different backgrounds and to be able to learn about their culture. Although being at MSU, a very diverse and multicultural school, I have opened up and been able to experience this.

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