Multiculturalism and Mass Media


By Emma Fleming

Today we had a guest speaker, Dan Wheatley, speak to us about multiculturalism in Britain. Coming from the large and very diverse city of Chicago, I was able to relate to what he was saying about London. London is full of different types of cultures, religions, languages and ethnicities. After the 2011 consensus, it revealed that less than half of London’s population was considered “White British” or the typical England-bred person. This leaves room for all kinds of ethnicities to grow and make their mark in this glorious city. For example, the Muslim population has grown about 2% in the past few years, which is incredible for them. They have contributed great things to the London community by donating blood and starting charities, but the media still portrays and recognizes this religion as only doing horrible things to humanity.

Granted, there are people who of course are doing grotesque things around the world, but those are the radical extremists. There are extremists in every religion, but the way the media portrays this religion isn’t particularly fair. They don’t necessarily agree with all of these things the extremists are doing, but are still getting blamed and discriminated against for their actions.


I have realized this is one of the downsides of media in general. For situations like this, they tend to focus on the bad things happening and ignore all of the good that some groups do for the good of humanity. In order to fully understand a religion or a culture, the world needs to look at all aspects of that religion. It is not fair to mistreat someone when they mean no harm and do not put you in danger. Thank you, Dan, for helping me realize this.


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