Rain Rain Go Away

Alexandria Hughes

May 31, 2016

Today two events were on the to do list, however because of unfortunate weather we were only able to do one. We went to Accent, the school that we are currently studying with to learn about the multi cultural aspect of the United Kingdom, specifically London. In this lecture the professor tied in much of Londons history to the diversity seen on the streets. Unlike other areas we’ve visited so far such as Ireland and Northern Ireland, London’s population is much more diverse.

All Ethnic Categories except for White British have grown in a decade

Overall, there are 300 languages spoken in the city and unlike ever before less than half of the population is White British. This is quite suprising because much of the surrounding countries cannot say the same. Along with the growing cultural diversity, religious minorities are growing as well. The percentage of Christians are decreasing while the Musims are increasing; this is due to migration, higher reproductive rates and partly due to people converting. The problem with this is not that minorities are growing but more so how media displays it. Not only are American islamophobics, but those in London as well because of how the media portrays Islamics. The U.K. independance party is on the rise; however the European Union is not and this causes a rivalry between political groups as well as citizens. The ultimate question is…

Will the Britain stay in the EU? Click here to learn more or find out June 23!


After our lecture, a scavenger hunt around London was planned; however, due to the bad weather we were given our afternoon off. My few friends and I decided to take an adventure around where Accent is located. We found a cute brunch place and after took a stroll down Oxford Street for the remainder of the afternoon. Here we were able to see lots of tourists, shops and even some street performers. This area reminded me of a familiar city, New York!

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