Rainy Days in London Town

One thing I love about London is the endless supply of espresso. Every corner there is a coffee shop! Going to need some major decaffeination once I return home, which will make leaving here that much worse.

Not the nicest weather today as it rained all day long. Hey, it adds to the whole experience, right? Well at least that’s what I told myself. The day started with a tube ride across London to the Regent’s classroom for a presentation on British multiculturalism. Dan Wheatley gave important insights into what makes London so diverse.

London is like no other place in the world as every person is of a different race. There are 300 languages spoken in London. In a sense, the world lives in London. How did London win the bid for the 2012 olympic games over Paris? No matter what country an athlete comes from there is people from that same country in London.

2012 olympic gold medalist for Britain who is Somalian. 

A poll is taken every year of the residence of London, asking what nationality they identify with. The percentage of the population that identify themselves as “White British” has gone down dramatically the last decade. I thought to myself it must be the amount of refugees coming from around the world. Wheatley explained that refugees do have something to do with the decline, but “White British” is not a term of nationality. Most of the “White British” have come from a different race, but their ancestry have settled in London generations ago. Similar to America as we have African American, Asian American, etc.

In a few weeks, Great Britain has a big decision to make whether to leave Europe, the UK Referendum. That decision lies in the hands of the people. Great Britain might isolate themselves from the other countries as it is becoming to diverse too fast. It has become too easy to get in and out of the country in the free world.

This is a huge decision in the making that can affect the world and today was the first time hearing about it. Yet, every place we have gone and mention we are American the first response is about Trump and our election. Turn on the Tv in London or in Northern Ireland and I have seen coverage on Trump every time. Why does America not have coverage on other world topics unless is has something to do with America? Wheatley explained that what America does affects everyone in the world. What other countries do, do not directly affect America.

For more on the UK Referendum, click here.

Learning London’s culture little by little. To another day of adventures my friends…

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