Rainy Days

By Holly Harestad

Rainy, hazy day today! We had our first day of having to attend class in an actual classroom! (Although rather than feeling like a classroom it is a pretty white room with lots of elegant wall moldings on the ceilings)

As we began class, we met our instructor from Accent, the program we are currently studying with in London, to explain to us the multicultural aspects of the United Kingdom.   It was interesting to hear about their stance in the olympics and how Mo Farah was such a big influence of this country and also London’s advertising. He was featured on many different products as a form of advertising because he was such an inspiration having come from a family that immigrated here and how he rose to the top from that.


Compared to Ireland, there seems to be a much more diverse amount of people here. Overall, there are 300 different languages and less than 50% of the people recognize themselves as White British. Living a lot of my life in Orange County, California, I felt like I could relate to London’s diverse population a lot because of how diverse my city is as well.

Our instructor talked about how he was from a small town and had not really experienced anything like what he is living in currently. He also talked about how minorities are expressed in the media, especially with such big companies as the BBC, showing bombings and classifying them being results of certain groups.

For the remainder of the day, we were supposed to have had a scavenger hunt planned. However, due to the (thunder storm!!!!) rain, it had been postponed and my friends and I decided to have a nice brunch instead. 🙂

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