Storytellers come in all forms

By Camille Douglas

I’ve heard from family and friends how beautiful Wales would be. I admittedly underestimated their opinion after arriving in Cardiff.

My mindset since leaving Dublin has been on London, now that we were so close to getting there. At that point, I thought that as Wales just a very brief stopping point along our journey. Now that we are in Cardiff, I don’t want to leave. It’s the most beautiful city that I have ever visited, and I haven’t seen all of it yet, unfortunately.

Though the photos do a much better job than I could in giving you a description to picture just what Cardiff is like, to sum up, it’s the perfect city with a balance of both modern and traditional presences. It’s a quiet, but fairly large city, and it was a nice break from the hustle and bustle of Dublin’s busy streets (I’m thinking of maybe retiring there already after I travel around the world working – at least I dream to). It was another plus that the weather was beautiful as well, warm and sunny with no drops of rain in sight to ruin the day.

To kickoff our day in Cardiff, we participated in the Dr. Who Experience, a museum that celebrated the TV show that has been around since the early 1960s.

The very front of the Dr. Who Experience. 

I have unfortunate not seen one single episode of the series, but to the excitement of my younger cousin who is a major fan of the show, I was just as eager as he was for me to journey into the faculties and explore a little bit of the show’s past. Knowing that he wasn’t there to witness the experience, I tried to make sure to capture as much as it I could have for him to see. I think I was successful in just that as I came out of the museum with over a hundred pictures. While I wasn’t quite sure what I was taking photos of most of the time, I’m sure that my cousin will be ecstatic to go through the large photo gallery when I get home.

The part I was most excited for was visiting the ad agency, Golley Slater. I’m a journalism major, but this past year, I have been considering adding creative advertising as an additional major. Past experiences with free-Lansing design work local nonprofits and companies had led me to think of switching career choices. I made the choice recently to continue with journalism and stick to designing on the side as I was reminded how much I love writing and producing news stories.

IMG_1711 (1)
The front of Golley Slater, an ad agency in Cardiff.

Although that I may not work in an advertising agency like Golley Slater, I still found their presentation intriguing and inspiring. I loved witnessing the creativity and the compassion the employees there put into each project. As a media outlet, they take into deep consideration who their audience is and what kind of commercial/ product they should produce that will be most effective to reaching these masses.

In a way, they are storytellers themselves. They have a product or a message that needs to be presented to an audience, and they do their best in communicating it to them. It’s like they are the ones that giving a voice to their clients. Journalists are very much the same too as they are storyteller themselves, but in a little bit of a different way. As an aspiring journalist, it was interesting to learn more from another media outlet about the creativity and the processes their workers face to produce their own versions of stories for other companies to use to reach audiences.

While I wish we had more time here in Cardiff to explore, I am excited to begin the journey to London. The anticipation to arrive is, figuratively, killing me. I don’t think that I would find myself saying this, let alone my mother, but I am very also very excited to finally unpack my things and do laundry.

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