The City of Beautiful People.

The City of Beautiful People.

By Colleen Ferguson
May, 31 2016

I would compare walking through the streets of Camden Town to entering the dark, cologne filled halls of a Hollister store in my awkward middle school days.

By this I mean that not one person there was not perfect looking, seriously. I feel like they should post a sign on the entrance to the city saying “The City of Beautiful People”. I mean listen to this, Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Richard Branson, Harry Styles, David and Victoria Beckham, Jude Law, Kate Moss all have homes in Camden Town.

Homes in Camden Town

Our unseen tour of Camden took us throughout the entire neighborhood and showed us how quaint and secluded Camden Town is from the rest of London. It makes complete sense that so many celebrities take shelter from the paparazzi here. I mean just when we were walking into the city I swear I saw Andrew Garfield (keep in mind this was before I knew the city was a celebrity haven). After I got back to my flat I searched to see where he has been lately and found out in this article that he was just in the neighborhood last week. So in my mind it was definitely him.

But spotting celebrities is something normal here, our guide was telling us some of the celebrities he has hung out with in his time and the list kept going on. This has made me finally say that when I am rich one day, I will join the celebrities with a home in Camden Town.

See you soon David Beckham.

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