The Great Divide

The Great Divide

By Katie Gotta


Upon arriving at Accent this morning in a sleepy haze on our fifth day in London, we were greeted by a powerpoint presentation. I thought to my self “oh great, another powerpoint presentation” only this far succeeded by expectations. I’ll be the first to admit that history has never been my forte but through seeing the history in front of me at historical landmarks at every turn I couldn’t help but become incredibly interested in the presentation centered around what makes Britain what it is.

I remember our first day in Belfast. Mia and I had just gotten back from a very long day touring around and we decided to become further invested in the culture by watching BBC News. Immediately they began talking about some sort of “separation” of which neither of us had any understanding about. We discovered after a few minutes that Britain was considering leaving the EU and since finding out this news I’ve began to ask the opinions of locals at nearly every place we’ve been.

Nigel Farage (right) the leader of the Independent Party leading the opposition against the EU.

Today our lecturer, a professor and historian, gave the background knowledge on what has caused this divide, stating that many who want to leave feel that the UK has opened it’s doors to the world too fast. This increase in globalization has led to effects such as the influx of immigrants and a larger global market, of which many disagree with, particularly those older and poorer. Our lecturer generalized those who want to leave stating that for the most part they were generally poorer, and the “losers” of globalization. Meaning that they had some sort of impact whether it be through the economy, their career or safety from immigration. They don’t want the world to change. On the other side of this, those who want to stay tend to be the “winners” of globalization, and are normally younger and more interested in the rest of the world.


While I haven’t decided on my stance yet, and news continues to argue the poll results, I can tell you that I will be watching BBC news on June 23rd and keeping up to date on the election results. This isn’t something that will just effect the Britain, it effects the world whether they realize it or not and I am anxious to hear what the citizens choose.


To find out more information on the background of this EU referendum click here.


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