“The media agenda doesn’t always reflect realities”

By Ally Hamzey


Fast pace movements and diversity is a defining factor of London. As an outsider, however, it’s more complicated to understand the layers of the city without a local or an expert’s inside perspective. Today, Dan Wheatley, a professor and media expert, helped bring the massive city of London’s culture and history into perspective.

For me, when comparing news in the US and the UK, the news agendas are visibly quite different. Dan helped intellectualize why these agendas are seemingly so different, but why they are comparable as well.

In the US, it is clear to see that American events are the primary concern in the media. Almost all of the top stories concern American stories in the US. At first comparison, I thought this was just a clear display of ethnocentrism on the US’s part. However, Dan brought an economic viewpoint that theorized the US and UK’s focus on American events. He explained that the US’ stature and power makes its happenings the primary concern for both citizens of the US and UK.

Diversity and face paced movements are the usual in Camden.

The US is primarily concerned with US events because technically, since it is the most powerful country in the world, the happenings of other economies barely affect us. Therefore, as Dan explained, the UK is massively impacted if our economy or current state in our country is in a bad place. It is understandable then in perspective why the UK is more concerned with our country’s happenings.

On the other hand, despite the UK’s concern on American news, they also have a much more diverse, worldly range of news than the US does. It is a revealing reflection of the values of each nation.

I knew before that the news media agendas in each nation is very different, but gaining a perspective from an expert professor really helped bring realities into perspective

Citizens of all backgrounds enjoy a day at Primrose Hill.


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