A Day in the Life


By Emma Fleming

Crossing Abbey Road…check! Today we went all over London and saw where Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr got married, John Lennon’s house, numerous video and film venues and (obviously) Abbey Road Studios. It is so surreal to me that we walked across the street where the Beatles walked for a cover of their album even if it meant almost getting hit by a double-decker bus in the process.

My sad attempt at getting a picture crossing the road.

The Beatles not only made their mark in England, but they transformed American music in the 1960s. Beatles fans were ruthless, but you have to respect them because if they were known for anything, it was their loyalty to the band. Our guide told us a funny story about a store that the band started, named Apple. It was eventually closing down, so they held a “sale” of some sort. This sale meant that everything was free for whoever grabbed it first. As you can imagine, fans flocked here to grab whatever they could. One of the workers was getting something for a customer and she came back and the chair she was sitting on was gone. Truly anything anyone could get their hands on was taken within minutes.

Yoko Ono arranged for this to be to hung on John Lennon’s old home.

I have to admit, before I started writing this, I turned on some Beatles for a little inspiration. As The Beatles say in their song, “Don’t Let Me Down” London. You have pretty big shoes to fill after today.

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