All Ya Need Is Love

By Holly Harestad

“All you need is love, love, love is all you need.”  The infamous song, song originally by The Beatles, was stuck in my head all day while touring famous places that The Beatles inhabited. Our tour guide, you could tell, was a die-hard Beatles fan, which made it that much more interesting to hear about. He took us to famous places such as John Lennon’s previous home in which Jimi Hendrix had once also rented out the basement floor before being kicked out for noise complaints. Other sites included famous spots that The Beatles music videos had been shot at, and one house that housed the birthing place of the popular song “I wanna hold your hand.”

The ending of the tour was us being taken to Abbey Road Studios! It was so crazy to be in a place where so much greatness has come from and also just standing right in front of the most well-known recording studio in the world.

There would be no leaving Abbey Road if we didn’t all get our picture walking across the infamous crosswalk that The Beatles walked across for their album cover. How The Beatles walked across it so effortlessly though is beyond me, the street is an extremely busy one and cars like to honk when you’re standing in the middle of the street trying to get your next good Instagram picture, let me tell you.

This is me running across the street after halting traffic, most likely yelling “I’m so, so sorry” (but with a smile on my face because…I got my pic) 😉

The Beatles were such a huge inspiration and made such an impact on music all over the world. From starting out being turned down by multiple record companies to making their way to the top, it is a huge reminder to never give up on the things you love the most. The Beatles loved their music and what they gave the world was years and years of total fan-damonium, hope, happiness, and most importantly a love of their music.

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