Another Day… Another Tour

By Brooke Segal

I am getting used to looks the locals give while on these walking tours. Its usually a long stare accompanied by a laugh or children pointing asking what we are doing to there parents. Walking tours are well worth a couple of stares, as you really get to see the sights first hand.

Today was all about The Beatles. I am embarrassed to say I am not too familiar with The Beatles. I know the solo work of John Lennon and Paul McCartney with my parents being big fans. The tour began at Marlyeborne Station where “A Hard Day’s Night” was filmed in 1964. It amazed me how little the architecture of London has changed over the years. The inside of train stations and buildings have been updated, but the exterior almost remains the same. Click here for a comparison of the Marlyeborne Station featured in the Beatles film and the recent station. It is almost identical.

I was thrilled to visit Montagu Ave. The home of John Lennon for many years. I love the fact that London has postings on various homes and buildings proclaiming where historical figures or celebrities have once lived. Shows how much history London has whether it is music, TV, etc.

The front doorsteps are featured in the image of John Lennon getting arrested for drug possession.


In all honesty I was pretty clueless during the whole tour until the final stop on Abbey Road. The destination of the iconic album cover of the Beatles crossing the road. The road is basically a shrine to the Beatles as the street and recording studio was renamed after the album “Abbey Road” was released. The road features a live cam that broadcasts the street all day long. Here you will find coverage of tourists walking back and forth the cross walk trying to recreate the cover.

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