Back to School

By: Amara Tamborini


Believe it or not, after two weeks in to my summer course, today was the first day spent in an actual classroom. Instead of taking the infamous yellow school bus that I rode as a kid; I navigated my way transferring lines and stop hopping across London to my new school at the London ACCENT Center. As I escaped the rain and down to the tunnels, all I could think about was my thirty-plus minuet walks across the Michigan State campus. Hopefully President Simon will back me up and consider building a subway on MSU’s campus, but I digress. My first lecture was a presentation on London’s global community, presented by professor and historian, Dan Wheatley. With over three-hundred spoken languages, London is one of the most culturally integrated cities in the world. Integration and immigration of culture in England has been a hot topic since the late 1600’s. Today the topic is still frequently up for debate. This presentation could not have been given at a better time as Brittan approaches the voting date on weather to remain or leave the European Union. A central topic in the debate is on immigration. For those who want to stay in the EU, they support the increase of immigration. Those who are pushing to leave the EU believe that by gaining sole control of their boarders, they can regulate the number of immigrants. Though the city is known for being one of the most culturally integrated in the world, there is still a population that protests the incoming of foreign populations.

IMG_1811Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 3.16.14 PM

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