Beatles Walking Tour

I was looking forward to today for quite sometime now, and I absolutely enjoyed our Beatles Walking Tour. Richard, our tour guide, literally knew everything about The Beatles. It was impressive to hear what he had to say throughout the tour. He made it feel like we went back to the ‘60s. At each stop, Richard told us about the location and why that location was important to The Beatles. IMG_1445

I thought it was charming to hear that Richard and his wife, even were married at the same church as John Lennon and Ringo Star. He later took us to Abbey Road where the famous album cover picture was taking. Now that, was awesome! I have always wanted to visit the crosswalk, so it was a surreal feeling actually being able to walk where one of the greatest bands in history once walked. I was hoping we would’ve been able to go inside Abbey Road Studio and see some of the memorabilia, records, or anything having to do with the magic that The Beatles created.IMG_1446

What The Beatles did was remarkable with the way they created music, they made it an art form, and from that, the music industry changed, so this whole day was just a reminder of what John, Ringo, Paul, George accomplished. The Beatles are still widely known throughout the world and their popularity and fans still continue to grow, and with that, they have put such an impact on the world with their music, that is truly remarkable.

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