“Here comes the Sun”… (still waiting)

Alexandria Hughes

June 1, 2016

Today we went on a Beattles walking tour (in the rain, of course) through many parts of London. To be quite honest I am only familiar with a few Beattles songs; however, of the ones I know I can say I am a huge fan. Throughout the tour our guide showed us places where members of the band once lived, got married and even performed at. Going into the tour two members of the Beattles that I was most aware of are the two cofounders, John Lennon and Paul McCarthy. I knew both men were musical geniouses and that many people across all ages are still big fans of them to this day. Having said that, I finally learned why both individuals have a strong legacy all across the world.

Click here to listen to my favorite Beattles song

Both John Legend and Jimi hendrix both lived here at one point

What I thought was so interesting about what we saw is that although many of the stops of the tour were places that were once occupied by members of the Beattles, to this day there are signs that signify the importance. Might I add it was awesome seeing the exact spots seen on their album covers and videos; in particular Abbey Lane was one of my favorite stops. As shown in the pictures below we were able to be total tourists by taking pictures in the exact spot of the Beattles, how cool? However, as you can see below, the picture didnt quite turn out as expected, thank god we didnt get hit!


All these places are significant historical trademarks all across the streets of London. I appreciated this tour because although I have been to many of the areas previously on the trip, I was unaware of the relevance it had to the Beetles and the drastic changes that were made. Below is an example of a transformation photo.

What once was a popular Indian Restaurant is now a cafe

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