Hey Jude. Hey June.

Hey Jude. Hey June.

By Colleen Ferguson
June 1, 2016

Things I learned today: bubble waffles are amazing and getting the perfect photo at Abbey Road is next to impossible.

Putting this aside, I learned more about The Beatles today than I have in my entire life. We went on a Beatles walking tour of London and our guide, Richard, took us throughout the city and showed us just about everything that could possibly relate to The Beatles in some way, shape or form. He took us to past homes, stores, recording studios, movie sights and Abbey Road. It was interesting to see how the English react to The Beatles compared to how Beatlemania and the British Invasion took over the United States.

Abbey Road 

I think the different perspectives in part can be credited to the fact that The Beatles didn’t come to the United States until they were already household names. They grew in the United Kingdom. The people of the UK followed George, Paul, Ringo and John from the small venues they played till well past the day they made it. They felt like they were a part of The Beatles because they watched every step of the way.

Thanks to the internet we see this even more today. When Justin Bieber’s manager put his first single on YouTube it gave people the connection and made them feel like with each click that they were discovering him essentially. Imagine if technology was this advanced during the time of The Beatles.

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