“Hi, I’m Paul”- weird nickelodeon add with a deranged monkey that I’ll never forget.

by: Darien Velasquez

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Today I had the privilege of going on The Beatles Walking Tour of London. This was a walking tour with London Walks , which is actually one of London’s oldest walking tour companies which for me made it all that more interesting. I was able to participate in a traditional and well known walking tour and cross Abbey Road, what a cherry on top to a perfect afternoon. I’m hardly a Beatles fan, I know a few songs of course but if you caught me in a band t-shirt…I would be a total poser. Our tour guides name was Richard and apparently there are 5 other Richards that do the same tour, I’m not entirely sure what that’s about but I’m assuming he is the OG of the Richards considering he had all his lines basically memorized and even had his laughs queued in at where they were supposed to be. Anyways Richard took us around the area and showed us places that are more than important to London and to the Beatles’ history. We had to eventually take the tube to the famous Abbey Road Recording studio (which made my mom cry when I told her by the way). Of course my best friends and I took a picture across the crosswalk for the gram which made the entire tour what it was for me personally. Richard is maybe the Beatles biggest fan and has met Paul himself on several occasions and not to forget to mention that he got married where Paul did..(odd).  I was also able to visit Richard’s coffee shop near the famous crosswalk for Beatle merchandise which was awesome advertising on Richards end if you ask me. 😉 Little Richy on that scheme though, I see you Richy.

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