Emily Morrow


Wake up. Train. Stand up. Train. Sit down. Train.  This is how my life has been going the past 5 days.  London’s underground station is becoming my second home.  First thing we do is wake up and ride that thing somewhere around this crazy city.  Today we sought out to our Accent Headquarters where we were spoken to by a man who informed us all about London and how it is basically the “Capital of the World“. We learned that London continues to become more and more diverse. 300 languages are spoken in this city and a 2011 census reveals that less than half of London’s population is “white British” (45%). He addressed that the multi-culturalism in London is not new and in fact began in the 1700s. There are many roots of diversity including the construction of the first UK mosque in 1889, Jamaican immigrants in 1947, and Ugandan immigrants. The man spoke very intelligently and was really interesting to listen to. I honestly did not know a lot about London’s history coming here so it’s nice that I will be leaving here with some knowledge.

In other news, today my mom arrived to London as she decided she wanted to come visit me.  I again used the underground to meet her at her hotel and got lost a bit but eventually found her.  I’m happy she decided to do this because she has not seen London and it is a good break up in my trip.  Now we’re halfway through. It’s going by incredibly quick but we still have a lot of time for more learning and adventuring.

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