If Paris is the City of Light, London is the City of Music

Why did the chicken cross the road? To get an Abbey Road picture! Here’s our fail Abbey Road picture, but at least Camille looks good! (Edited by Reagan Villet)

If Paris is the City of Light, London is the City of Music

By Allison Mazur

June 1, 2016

I’ll be the first to admit it — I’m not a Beatles fan. But I’m a huge music fan. Ask anyone – I’m always on Spotify unearthing indie tunes no one has heard before or rocking out to a throwback from the early 2000s. (In fact, I’m listening to Spotify as I type this.) Spotify does a yearly total analytics page you can look at, and in 2015 I managed to listen to something outrageous like 2,000 hours of music on Spotify (not including radio, TV, or other friends playing music).

I listen to a variety of genres and artists, but I never really liked The Beatles. Music has a lot of emotional ties and meaning, which is why so many people my age like The Beatles – because they grew up listening to them. The first time I remember hearing The Beatles was at dinner at my friend’s house and I was probably nine or ten, so I didn’t “grow up” with The Beatles the way most people did. To say the least, I wasn’t super enthusiastic about today’s Beatles walking tour. Don’t get me wrong, I still found it interesting but mostly from a historical viewpoint. I think it is so cool that we can be in the same place a famous person was years before. It’s almost like we can time travel.

Dingwalls, a pub and small music venue in Camden where bands like The Smiths have played shows.

In addition to The Beatles, London is home to many popular bands and artists. Like many others have mentioned in prior blogs, Amy Winehouse is essentially a goddess in Camden. Our Unseen Tour guide, Mike, told us Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin lives in Primrose Hill. Mike also said he has been at the pub with One Direction’s Harry Styles. Mike showed us another pub in Camden where bands like The Smiths and The Clash performed some of their first gigs. Elvis Costello began his career in the London pub scene in the 1970s, and fun fact, I was named after his song. London still churns out recent artists like Adele, The 1975, and Mumford & Sons who make chart-topping songs. Pop artist Duffy even wrote a song about the area near our flats, Warwick Avenue.

Our local Tube station – Warwick Avenue – on the Bakerloo line.

While I may not be a Beatles fan, London is such a musical city that I think we can get along. I think I’ll hang out in Camden for a while, much like Mike did in his younger days, looking for the next indie band to make it big…

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