Legends Never Die

Legends Never Die

By Sarah Staelgraeve

The Beatles. That’s all that needs to be said and a million thoughts rush through your head. Screaming fans, long hair, hippy glasses and oh yeah…music. Today, we walked around parts of London that were iconic in The Beatles’ lives. Although they broke up in 1970- these four legends left their legacy to be remembered 40 plus years later.

Of course I am a Beatles fan, who isn’t? It truly took my breath away to see all these places and walk on the same roads they once strolled down. I also got to know a little bit more about everyone’s heroes and understand historic sites such as their shop, Apple. The Beatles owned this psychedelic shop and it wasn’t very successful. It was only in operation for a couple months and they had many issues. People would steal from it, the government wouldn’t let them paint the building the way they wanted, etc. I also was unaware that John Lennon was almost kicked out of America. John, you should have laid off the drugs.

We walked by apartments where John and Paul once lived. Personally, my favorite part was seeing Abbey Road Studios and walking on the cross walk where the cover art for their album, Abbey Road, was captured. I kept wondering what it would have been like to be 20 years old in the 1960’s- I am sure I would have loved the British invasion.

This experience can connect back to media as well as any of our experiences. We learned in Wales at the advertising company, Golley Slater, that music has a huge impact on the media and can drive consumer behaviors. Music can make people feel connected, positive, happy, and most importantly give them the urge to buy the advertised product! The Beatles’ songs have been used time and time again for media purposes and there was controversy over rights when the song Revolution was first used to sell Nike products. They Beatles are some of the most talented and well known musicians in the world. Like I said, legends never die.



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